December Daily Week 1

11 Dec

DEcember Daily 001

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

And actually I have never documented this time so this year I was super excited to do so. Last year I wanted to but never really got into it, but this year I planned ahead and by the start of November had everything I need to document December.

DEcember Daily 002

This post shows December 1st to 6th. I’m documenting everyday of December, and getting lots of inspiration from Ali Edwards’ Blog, although I didn’t purchase any of the kits.

DEcember Daily 003

This post shows the items I have purchased to put together my own December Daily Stash.

DEcember Daily 004

The pages are a mix of plastic wallets and hole punched card inserts. I am also using Simple Stories Claus & Co planner insets, and have been filling them in as I go. Although I’ve not placed them in order or between pages yet, my plan is to put them in the right places at the very end!

DEcember Daily 005



December Daily – What am I using?

9 Dec

Here are some of my favourite items I’ve brought for December Daily this year, they will be the main bits that create the album.

the album

1.The album.

I knew what kind of album I wanted. I wanted a 6×8 ring binder album, because making my camping trip album using it had been so easy that I knew I needed something equally easy for December Daily (if not more so!!).  I wanted a red album for obvious seasonal reasons but couldn’t find one anywhere so settled for this chevron album and it works perfectly. Now simple stories have released a Christmas album which would have been equally perfect!

planner inserts

2. The planner insets I brought these the first moment I saw them posted on the website, I just knew they’d add something personal and very real to the album. I’ve been filling them in throughout November and December, but won’t actually add them to the album until the end. They will just slot in as little extras!

A set of stickers also came with this kit which I adore. They are perfect for adding little extras.


3. Crate Paper Set.

From ebay I bid on and won a set of stickers, embellishments and brads from Crate Paper Sleigh Ride. Another wonderful Christmas set which has quite a modern feel to it. I quite love the vellum embellishments that I got with it, particularly the numbers which are great for showing the date!



4. Heidi Swapp Believe 12×12 paper pack

This had some great papers in which have made good backgrounds, layers and even cards to slip into pockets. It also has a 12×12 page of project life style 3×4 cards. Very useful!


ink5. This beautiful gold metallic ink pad.  I adore it, really cheap put excellent quality. Great for stamping, covering things in gold and generally making things glittery.

Christmas Card Top 5 Tips

7 Dec
  1. Write  a list.

Either of the people you want to send it to OR the people who sent you cards last year. I have a list of names and address on Microsoft Word One Note, which is also where I store most of my Christmas present lists.

This way in theory you won’t miss anyone out…well…except that one person who sends you a card who never sent you one before! 😉

2. Come up with a simple design.

So this year my design is super easy yet I like it. The easier the better because it makes your life easier during that super festive cards 003

3. Repeat the design until necessary!

Depending on how many cards you have to make you might have more than one design, but make sure you are able to repeat them.

I had a little factory line of reindeer and snowman cards going.

Christmas cards

4. Start early.

Depending on what your version of early is. For me I started stamping and colouring these in the summer (School holidays six weeks I make the most of it!). But for some starting January or even December 1st is easy enough.

Christmas cards 002

5.  Have fun!

Get out the glitter, festive paper, stickers, stamps, washi tape, wooden embellishments, paint, embossing powder, inks, dyes…I could go on. Make a mess, have fun, involve others, and make something beautiful.

Because it is the festive season and for me that is what it is all about. Fun. Mess. Love. Glitter.


Christmas cards 004



Heidi Swapp Believe 12×12 Paper Pad

Other Christmas papers (from years back!)

Xcut Adhesive Glitter Pack

Anitas 25 Pack White Cards

Woodware Reindeer and Snowman stamps

Letraset Promarkers

Wink of Stella Clear Glitter pen (LOVE!)

Paper Mania Clear Embossing Powder

do crafts artiste black ink

Workspace Wednesday

9 Sep


Finally I’ve got a collection of 4×4 photos and 2×2 photos ready to create my week in the life 4×4 album. Here is a few quick snaps with my iphone camera (not the best shots!).


Just hole punching some cards to add in! I can’t buy the 4×4 clear wallets anywhere in the UK at the moment so I’m using them sparingly and inserting cards without them!


Added words to the pictures before they went to print, one for every day and then extra little bits.


So enjoying telling the story. Tiny 2×2 photos are a bit of a pain to cut up, particularly when your cutter needs a new blade!


I feel this is the perfect starter! Beauty in the Boring, some may say taking photos of everyday is boring but really it is anything but!

There will be some posts of the finished days soon! Watch this space!

Week in the Life ~ Sunday

25 Aug

Sunday I woke up on the floor…everyone loves a sleep over right?! Staying at friends is always a laugh and actually I always get a good nights sleep where ever I drop so it really doesn’t matter to me!


Remember I love seeing friends, and traveling around.


Remember sleeping on the floor isn’t that bad and it is all in preparation for camping next week!



So needed.


Remember everyone in the living room watching Friends. No one can hate friends. Remember:

The one  with the Yeti. The One Where Ross Moves In. The One with All the Thanksgivings. The One with Ross’s Sandwich.


Breakfast made by friends. Remember they don’t care we are vegetarians they always think about us.


LEaving friends and continuing on our travels further north!



Freshening up and looking a little more alive at the hotel.


Venturing into Nottingham and checing out where we were.


Remember Nottingham has some very pretty buildings.

IMG_4661 IMG_4662



Remembering visiting the castle that isn’t actually there.


Remember good views.



Remember it rains in summer.



On our way back to the hotel with lots of goodies for the next day and a plan to get dinner at the resturant.


Remembering I love a selfie.


Remember I adore him.

Oh and mixed fruit cider.


Remember I LOVE spicy mexican food, him not so much.


Remember he is always out to find the best veggie burger.

And that is all the photos I took. My weekend included a lot less photos than in the week, I kept forgetting to take photos which is a bit of a disappointment but I think it will still turn out ok!

I have LOVED following Ali Edwards posts on her week, reading lots of new blogs as people share their posts and generally taking part. I’m excited to get started and will probably post one or two blogs on how I get on putting it into one album.

Now to order all those photos!!

Week in the Life ~ Saturday

24 Aug

So the blog posts are a few days late for Saturday and Sunday due to travel plans and not being able to access my laptop to sort it all out!

Anyway Saturday we left midday to travel north to see friends, we got to the M4 and turned round because we forgot the sleeping bags! Anyway it was a great day but very few photos


Good morning.


Breakfast together at the table.


He always had cereal, I like a change!


It’s actually a beautiful day. The sun hits the back of the flat first.


Packing for our weekend away. I have so much stuff.


Ready for a roadtrip.


Stopping for supplies.


Texting the troops to check the plans.



Okay time to turn round at the M4 round about back down the M32 to get them.


Leaving the drive again.


Stuck on the motorway with all the other holiday traffic.


Who cares if it rains? We are having a BBQ.


Summer favourites.


An evening with friends watching the rugby indoors….I have no idea what was going on…followed by movies. Relaxing evening.

Week in the Life ~ Friday

22 Aug

Yay Friday! I’ve made it this far but I’ve found I’m taking less photos, though still quite a few…who knows how they will all fit in…they probably won’t!

Today I am thinking about what happens sometimes and what happens most of the time.



Sometimes I get to see him off, usually I’m at work.


Sometimes I’m not in the mood for breakfast just a cup of tea in what might be one of my favourite mugs.


Sometimes, rarely, I wear jeans.


Sometimes my fringe is too long…more like all the time.


Sometimes we never re set the car clock….therefore it is an hour slow. It’s actually 9:30.


Sometimes I have to get bits from here, I’m so glad it is near.


Sometimes teachers have to go into school in the summer holidays.


Sometimes teachers hate making new displays…they clearly don’t have cricut and lots of coloured paper 😉


Sometimes I don’t have enough stuff. Will have to go back for more.


Sometimes my desk is tidy. Sometimes it is so not!


Sometimes I find it easier to work at home.


SOmetimes I treat myself to one episode of whatever I current love. At the moment it is Grimm…I am obsessed.


Sometimes I have to dye my hair to hide the greys 😉



Sometimes I light candles to burn wax so the house smells gorgeous again. Currently Yankee Candles Oud Oasis is burning away.


Sometimes we keep things we love. His and hers draws.


Sometimes I take selfies in the mirror with LOADS of mess in the back ground.


Most of the time I use this stuff to make my hair behave. Somtimes it does. Most of the time it doesn’t.


Sometimes we have homemade pizza, sometimes I make the base, sometimes I buy it!


Sometimes I tidy up and change things around. Hello new lamp.


Far too often this is our dinner scene, in the holidays. It needs to change.

Week in the Life ~ Thursday

21 Aug

It’s Thursday! It was one where I had to run errands and enjoyed my last day off alone before the boy has a week off, and then I go back to work!

I’ve realised these routines are not normal routines at all, but instead we create new routines in the holidays. We eat at the coffee table more, we watch movies in the evening, and go out in the evenings more making the most of the light evenings! Where as usually the evenings consist of me working or feeling exhausted.


Being the last person in bed. Only happens in the school holidays!


Saying goodbye again.


Pedal Power.


Quick breakfast. I usually just have cereal but in the holidays I find I have more time to do something a little different!




Breakfast with a cup of tea, while checking emails, writing a shopping list and watching one episode of Grimm.


Not many photos of my morning routine but I made it to the city centre and even got a good parking space.


Enjoying some retail therapy while running errands, I hate trying things on but when it’s quiet and I’m in the right mood I can give it ago!



So yesterday’s post (Wednesday) I looked devastated because I discovered my photo print couldn’t (atm) be used with Windows 10. The boy suggested I go to boots to get photos printed, never again! It turns out even boots printers can stop working for no clear reason. I ended up paying for 14 photos but walking away with 20+ because the cashier had to restart my printer as it failed to print, and then resent my prints. Gosh!


Quick lunch pick me up. Chai Tea Latte.


The contents of my shopping trip.


Primark splurge.


Real work stuff. Mopping up a water leak (nothing major!) and putting the washing on!


Back to work!


A VERY late lunch, nearly 3pm.


Using up the mango in the fruit bowl to make these crazy muffins.


He’s back and there was a cup of tea waiting.


Clearly it was a hard day!


BUT there was still energy to go Shaun hunting. Shaun hunting? Yes Shaun the sheep is dotted around our city and I am determined to see all 70…yeah I promise I’m a grown up! 2 years on since the Gromits. 



Driving past some famous spots.


First Shaun.


Luckily the first one was next to a tesco so I could pick up a few essentials for dinner.


Late night Shaun hunting means no queues of people trying to get photos so there is time for a Shaun Selfie!


Late dinner of green veg pasta while watching Iron Man. I swear we don’t always eat in front of the TV but in the holidays it seems to happen more regularly. I’ve realised I only take photos when we eat here not when we’ve eaten at the table!  It was time to watch Iron Man 3, we’d watched 1 and 2 last week, I am a bit of a Marvel lover!


New  bed sheets, 100% ready for bed.

Week in the Life ~ Wednesday

20 Aug

Hello Wednesday you were interesting! Lots of running around and waiting, bit of a test of patience.


Good Morning, BBC News likes to show my the top stories…I’m not sure this was really the top story or breaking news but there we go!


My First view every morning…mess.


Someone reads F1 magazines during breakfast.


In the summer holidays I join him! Usually I’d already be at work by now.


Off to work he goes!



My turn to get ready for the day! IT takes a bit of prep!

IMG_4501 IMG_4502

Tried some selfies with the big camera.



Getting the tunes out as I walk.


Gorgeous views.


Pouring Rain.


Having to get ready all over again when I got home due to the down pour I walked in.


Lunch working on my lit review, I’m always here working.


Sadly I could not focusing on writing 500 words so turned to data input instead.


Mid afternoon back out in the rain, this time a drive.


Back home in time to make him a cup of tea.


He’s not so impressed with this week in the life photo madness.


It’s Mexican night! Veggie style.


After dinner we are holiday planning.


AND then it all went horribly wrong. I discovered in quick succession that we couldn’t get the camp we wanted, then I hadn’t booked the hotel for next week, then my printer won’t work with windows 10 until cannon make the drivers, and then finally we could book the campsite but by this point I’d already missed half of the Great British Bake Off. Oh man life is stressful 😉

He snapped that one.


Finally I made it to bed!

I haven’t managed any together selfie photos with the timer yet, maybe I can aim for that on Thursday and Friday?

Week in the Life ~ Tuesday

19 Aug

Hello Tuesday!

It was a bit of a busy one! My aim was to document more place and get myself in the photos a little more, not quite sure it happened but I’m happy with the photos!


Who doesn’t star their morning with bagels and Gilmore Girls?! Oh only me then. IMG_4455

How many selfies can you get in one day?IMG_4456

Time to leave the parents behind, back to the flat I go. IMG_4457

By 2pm I make it back to the flat and this beautiful sofa! IMG_4458 IMG_4460

Quick stop at the co-op so I can make a yummy lunch.  IMG_4462

Reunited! I promise I am so much happier than I look!!


Ready for a quick shopping trip.

IMG_4465 IMG_4466

Seriously face as we try to understand inner tubes for bikes!.

Followed by a trip round tescos, by the time we were out it was 8pm and I did not want to go home and cook.



Sunset while waiting for our chips. IMG_4471

Dinner on the coffee table. VEggie burger and chips…so bad, yet so good. IMG_4472

Very chilled evening, dinner just before 9pm. IMG_4477

Garage time to fix the bicycle. I did not stay down there long, to tired and too many big spiders!IMG_4479

Man cave.


Laundry ready to go away. IMG_4484

BED TIME! Sometimes I love my bed a little too much. IMG_4485It was a busy Tuesday and as it is still the summer holidays this isn’t really routine but still this is life.

These posts are all in aid of Ali Edwards Week in the Life Project.

You can share your posts on her blog, see others photos, ideas and plans for the project in the community and of course enjoy her wise words!

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